Western Digital

Making an emotional
connection with the brand

Increasing brand equity by 55%

What we did

While Western Digital (WD) commanded dominant market share in its categories, it faced stiff competition from emerging cloud technologies. To reestablish its relevance, R&R created a powerful new brand platform based on the concept of certainty. People have been trusting precious data to WD for decades and we saw an emotional link between WD storage and its customers’ lives. We used the creative tag “Absolutely” and a multi-touchpoint campaign that ran in 38 countries.

The Work

We overhauled retail packaging along with the funnel pages on website and mobile, while driving awareness to the new brand platform using the company’s first television commercial.

Over the 24-month campaign, WD gained seven points of market share overall. Brand equity increased by more than 55% in a single year, and Western Digital made the list of top 500 global brands for the first time in its 40-year history. The My Cloud launch was the most successful new product the company had ever launched, gaining more than 40% market share within 12 months of introduction.

Western Digital's website redesign for My Cloud product launch campaign

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Promotional creative for Western Digital's My Cloud global product launch campaign

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Mobile mock of new Western Digital website redesign

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Advertising creative for global Western Digital campaign

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Updated retail packaging redesign for Western Digital rebrand

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The Results


in brand equity


in market share

Named top 500 global brand