Health & Wealth Raffle

Real stories
connect players
with the cause

Shattered the fundraising goal by 543%

Twice a year, Barrow Neurological Institute holds a raffle to help fund critical research, clinical innovation and patient care. Although the prizes are alluring, the $100 ticket price was daunting to some, and return players who hadn’t won would eventually drop out. To overcome those barriers, we needed to convince players new and old that, because of the cause the raffle supports, there’s no way to lose.

The Work

We invited past players who never won to join focus groups. We then surprised them with a moderator who was a former patient who directly benefitted from their ticket purchase. We continued to share patients’ stories through videos and live stream, and engagement went through the roof. People started talking about what really mattered – the cause – but they didn’t just share stories, they acted. We broke new-player and returning-player goals by more than 20%. And, we broke our fundraising goal by 543%.

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The Results


fundraising goal exceeded


new and returning players