Blockchains – Event

Creating a
global stage for
a revolutionary idea

Bringing a vision to life through groundbreaking technology

What we did

When an idea to change the world is in its planning stages, a lot of groundwork must be laid to inspire buy-in from key players. The founder of Blockchains, Jeffrey Berns, bought 67,000 acres of land in the Nevada desert to build a model city that will function completely on blockchain-powered technology to show how every aspect of our lives can improve.

He called on R&R to help show the developers and investors vital to the project’s implementation the full scope of his vision. We created a tangible image of his dream through an immersive, experiential presentation at the world’s biggest Ethereum blockchain event, Devcon IV, in Prague.
Before Berns’ keynote presentation at the Forum Karlín, we took over Prague with out-of-home, digital video boards, and a generative art experience detailing the history of blockchain. Attendees saw building projections with messages stating “We’re Done Waiting” and “Are You Ready to Change the World?” to tease the forthcoming event.

The Work

Inside the venue, 3-D animation, projection mapping, responsive lighting, augmented reality and other technologies helped lead guests on a holographic tour of Berns’ utopian city. With the assistance of his co-host – a hologram of a young girl representing tomorrow’s youth – Berns’ keynote speech detailed the importance of his vision.

The presentation increased website traffic by 6,100%, Twitter followers by 289% and Twitter profile views by 2,283%, and garnered an exclusive full-page cover story in The New York Times. The overall media impressions came in at 259,488,533. In addition, our launch of Blockchains won the Best Event/Conference Experiential Activation category for the 2018 Adweek Experiential Awards.

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Digital effects at the blockchains marketing event

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The Results


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